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Select a highway or a ferry in the Available Subscriptions box found above on the left and then click add.

The highway or ferry selected will then appear in the Selected Subscriptions box on the right. Repeat this process for as many highways and ferries as you want to follow. Then click done. You will then be taken to another page.

Copy and paste the URL that appears in your browser's address bar into your feed reader.

What's a web feed?

A web feed is a way to have content sent to a computer from a website as soon as it is updated, rather than having to constantly go back and check a website for new content. Saskatchewan's Highway Hotline road information system uses a web feed called Atom, which is similar to another commonly known web feed known as RSS. The Highway Hotline's web feed allows you to pick and choose the highways and ferries you wish to receive updates about and then have that information sent to your feed.

Web feed reader

Many web feed readers exist. Some Internet browsers have them built in, while others are integrated with email software. They can often be found by clicking this icon: feed icon

If you don't have a web feed reader, you can find one by typing the phrase "Feed Reader" in an Internet search and pick the one that suits you best for your computer system.