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How can I check the traffic on the roads?

By default, the app displays traffic colors to indicate travel speeds. You can toggle the traffic layer on/off by going to the layers icon (stacked squares) in the top right corner of the Map View and toggling the Traffic setting.

What is “Drive Mode”?

While driving, the app will automatically go to Drive Mode, which helps to conserve both battery and data usage while still providing audio alerts. This can be turned off at any time by going to Drive Mode and clicking on the Auto Drive toggle.

What is a Traffic Alert and how does it work?

The Traffic Alert feature will check a Saved Route for traffic events at a specified time and send you a notification each day to let you know if there are any issues on your route. This can be created by clicking on “Add Traffic Alerts” after you create a Saved Route.

How do I get audio alerts while I drive?

The app will automatically detect traffic events and announce them based on your current location. Keep the app in Drive Mode as you drive for the best experience. The distance from an event at which an alert will play depends on your speed, location, and direction of travel.

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