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    Seasonal Driving Conditions Exist

    No specific problems but there could be the occasional slippery section or snow drifts.

    Winter Conditions

    This may include icy, slippery sections or swirling snow.

    Travel Not Recommended

    Visibility is less than 200 metres; and/or the surface is icy; and/or the highway is doubtful; and/or the highway may be blocked.

    Road Closed

    Road is impassable. Indicates an entire segment or multiple segments which would be closed due to treacherous driving.


    Specific location of construction activity which may be work on a bridge or culvert impacting traffic.


    Expect delays and/or possible detour due to an obstruction.

    Road Closed

    Pinpoints the closure at a specific location (using icon).

    Multiple Items

    Multiple activities and/or incidents.

    Visibility Zero

    You can see less than 200 metres. Under this condition highway maintenance equipment will not begin work on the road until visibility improves. Equipment already on the road may be removed if visibility continues to deteriorate to 100 metres or less.

    Visibility Reduced

    You can see less than 800 metres.

    Visibility Good

    You can see more than 800 metres.

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    About Highway Hotline

    The Highway Hotline is Saskatchewan's road information service, operating to help motorists in route planning by providing information about road conditions, road closures and hazards, ferry crossings and other driving tips.

    Maintained by

    The Highway Hotline is maintained by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure.
    Information is updated 3-4 times per day or as conditions arise.


    The information in this map report has been compiled from observations made by Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure staff. The Government of Saskatchewan accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information. Information is not necessarily updated 24 hours a day and may not be completely current at any specific point in time, as highway conditions can change rapidly due to weather, flooding, forest fires or other events. Motorists using public highways should always be alert to these possible changes and remain responsible to operate their vehicles in a careful and prudent manner and within the safe limits of the road conditions before them.

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